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Personal coaching class - Kelas Mengaji Tajwid Alquran dan Iqra Online Malaysia Singapore

Personal coaching class

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Personal Coaching​

Reciting the Qur’an with the proper application of Tajwid rules is Fardh ‘Ain – obligated upon every Muslim. It is therefore necessary to find a capable teacher to guide and rectify our recitation.

Are you one of those who have hectic work schedules, irregular shifts and other commitments that are preventing you from attending regular Qur’anic classes?

Are you looking for a 1-to-1 Qur’anic recitation classes but cannot commit to a fixed weekly schedule?

Our 1-to-1 personal coaching class offers a customizable & flexible schedule that caters to working professionals, shift workers, super busy people.

Covering diverse levels from beginners to intermediate and advanced levels, our qualified Teachers will equip you with the necessary knowledge and drilling in your Qur’anic journey – from not knowing any letters at all to khatam the Qur’an proficiently.

What we offers for one to one class

1. Flexible schedule that caters to all profession.
2. Reasonable Fees
3. Women Student will be teach ustazah and men will be teach ustaz
4. Class been conducted anywhere as long stundet got internet connection and personal devices (Mobile Phone, PC, Tablet, etc)