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About Us

About Us

Alquran4life Academy is a leading online Quran classes provider for kids & adults. We provide highly-quality Quran learning experience through one-to-one online classes with qualified teachers.

We started to provide Quranic & Islamic education through an interactive online environment a long time ago. We seek to provide all our students from all over the globe the opportunity to read, recite, memorize, and understand the Holy Quran through regular practice that fits into their busy schedules.

What makes our Quran classes very unique is that they suit all ages, levels, genders, and nationalities. Alquran4life customizes and personalizes each course’s lessons based on the student’s age, knowledge, abilities, and goals.

We are looking forward to presenting the Holy Quran as the most interesting, the most relevant book for day-to-day activities as well as the most important book for success in this life and hereafter.

Our mission

To Be The Academy To Teach The Correct Recitation Of The Noble Qur'aan With The Highest Of Standards To Muslims Of All Backgrounds And To Bring The Muslims Back To The Book Allah In Recitation, Memorisation And Practice.