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Recite The Quraan As How It Should Be Recite

We Are Teaching The Correct Recitation Of The Qur'aan

Now it is possible For You To Learn The Correct Recitation Of The Noble Que aan Online At Any Time

How It Works

Complete Procedure to educate Qur’aan, which software we use and how to install and configure these.

Courses offered in Alquran4life Academy

Personal Coaching

Grouping Class

Qur’aan Memorization

Intensive Tajweed Class

Why choose Alquran4life?

The monthly fees and package offer is affordable

One to one classes

Students can share session with their family member

Qualified and experienced teacher

Days and time of your choice

Flexible plans available

Recite Qur’aan anywhere at student comfort place

Teach around the world

Our qualified teachers

We ensure quality Quranic studies for students at Alquran4life Academy

All candidates must pass the Alquran4life tajweed exam

Teachers are given an adequate training every week

Each student has their own record of learning and achievement report

Each class will be monitored to ensure quality and improvement